Welcome to AtARandomDotCom.com

Where the only thing we care about, is having a hard to pronounce email address!

Yes! That's right! Tired of those easy to say and short email addresses that everyone else has? Well here's the answer! A domain which causes confusion, doubt and usually means you wont get your email! The ultimate technology! Who's going to accidently find your address if no one knows it :)

Do not contact, do not pass GO, do not collect $200, and go directly to jail if you email the following address!
Adam Random - adamrandoma@atarandomdotcom.com

The ONLY addresses that anyone will respond to are postmaster and webmaster. All others will be /dev/null'd if they are not valid.

Have a nice day ;)

I now have a silly blog to put links to email addresses in which will hopefully make this more of a target

Here is a protected address that may or may not get to me adam...@atarandomdotcom.com